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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages a printer, printer Canon, Epson brand, HP

A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages a printer, printer Canon, Epson brand, HP

Market share in Indonesia are now very familiar with the three brands of printer, i.e. Canon, Epson, and HP. For those of you who want to buy or need a printer, the following information may help you to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each brand.

  • Printer Speed is relatively faster than the Epson and HP
  • Very durable if the black ink usage more dominant than color
  • Nice colors and fast Results. + Results of draft text cetal is quite clear.
  • Prices are relatively inexpensive
  • Create Suitable office space
  • Roller easily broken (result in attracted a lot of paper) mainly,1600,1700 IP1200 series,1880,1980, and MPseries.
  • For images of human, the colors tend to be more red (effect less natural)
  • Color Catridge is easily damaged/deformed (especially type IP1200-1980 & MP/C series (so one catridge with printhead)
  • Frequent floods on the paper despite new cartridge/refill yet (waste ink absorption system less nice)
  • Less suitable for the printing business.
  • Cartridge Prices relatively expensive compared to Epson and HP.

  • Results of nicest colours and natural compared to Canon and HP.
    Reasonably priced if you already use infusion because it need not often – often replace the catridge.
    The level of the great machine durability.
    Suitable for usage color/image.
    Create a/foto digital printing Suitable (small scale).
    Head relative durability compared to Canon and HP (printhead and ink cartridges separately)
    Print the black text/great/less thick (somewhat brownish black).
    Relatively slower compared to Canon and HP
  • Print results draft less good (kinda blur/blur)
  • Process cleaning uses ink is pretty much, so it is recommended to install the drain out.

  • Most suitable for Office use.
    Relative durability compared to Catridge canon
    Prices are relatively cheaper than the Canon and Epson (for printer classmate)
    Best text print Results than the Canon, Epson
    Print relative color better than canon
  • Print less than optimal results if you use photo paper (because of the withdrawal system kertasnya rolled up from below and above)
  • The use of an infusion is quite difficult because the installation position paper tray that is in the future.
  • color print results are often problematic on the use of refill/infusion
  • cartridge often flooded when cartridge direfill/infusion
  • prone to shorting the printer mainboard because his position is right below Catridge parking (cartilage exposed to splashes of ink)
  • easy paper folded/draw double if the mounting paper less fitting.
Hopefully it can help you in choosing a printer that fits your needs.
A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages a printer, printer Canon, Epson brand, HP Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Iswandi Ishak

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