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Friday, April 27, 2018

32MB Memory is Not Upgradable


If you're looking for a monochrome multifunction printer you'll be satisfied with Brother MFC 7860DW as it will take care of all your office needs: regular faxing, printing, copying, scanning and faxing your PC. Its weight of 22.6 kilograms and dimensions of 12.4 x 15.7 x 15.9 inches (height, depth, width) make it perfect for small offices and you also get a one year warranty. Quality and endurance are the most important things in the business environment.


If you are seriously concerned with environmental protection issues you will need this model because people from Brother are thinking of designing devices that can save energy, paper and of course your time. You will get more done in less than perfect if you want to work efficiently. Thanks to ENERGY STAR technology energy consumption will not exceed 1.7 watts when you put the printer in sleep mode. This paper can be saved using the duplexing function and the toner can be preserved if you enable the Toner Save Mode. Also, you gain the ability to get a single page copy of multiple documents. This feature is called N-in-1 printing.

When it comes to network connectivity, this model is the best of the series and you can connect to both wireless internet and by using cable. This way you will access all its features (ex: scanning, printing, fax PC). However, if you only have one computer you can connect the device through its USB port.

Network settings can be changed through a program called BRAdmin Professional admin. You will be able to see each device on the network. The scan feature offers a complex mode: scan to OCR, image files, and email. This is very rare in the printer world. In order to increase work productivity you can do the following: protect your prints with 4-digit pin, scan directly to FTP server, modify from scratch resolution, speed dial, format and size of scanned documents and then send them via email. You do not even need a PC. Fax works over the internet and the manager will have full control over the printer features.

If you are interested in printing many pages every month the recommended cycle is around 2000 pages but you can go beyond this limit to 10,000 pages without dealing with technical issues. Print speeds reach 27 pages per minute when it comes to both copying and faxing which is quite impressive. You will also be able to use the duplex feature so you save time and money on exhausted. There is a unique built-in function that allows you to insert one page and get two-sided output.

The output tray will allow for you to organize your files much more easily because the page will come out facing down. The capacity of this tray is 100 sheets and one input can store 250 regular pages (legal or letter size). There is also a straight-through paper path for special media such as envelopes and letterhead. This can be done through manual feed slots.

If you need to scan multiple pages in the same session, you will find the automatic document feeder very useful as it has a 35 page capacity to store in its memory. In addition, you get high-tech features that allow you to scan, store, edit and even share your documents with several people. Communication is very important in the business environment and this printer will solve the problem for you. That does not matter if you need to large volume of work done. MFC will take care of easy work.


The 32MB memory is not upgradable and you can not print in color. You can not expand your paper tray either so you see this is sort of limiting for large companies with heavy printing jobs. The lack of color features can really be tricky and it's surprising that the device does not allow you this. However, know that apart from the things mentioned above, Brother MFC 7860DW only has advantages and you can see that in the long description of the 'Pro' section.

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